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Hi there, I'm Hannah and I am an illustrator living in beautiful Somerset, UK.

I'm so excited that you've found my website. It's full of all the things that take place in my mind; the peculiar little characters that dwell there and the observations of all the impossibly marvellous things that nature does. 

My education and work:
Following a childhood in which I was encouraged by a wonderfully creative family to pursue my love of drawing, I continued down that route and completed a degree in Fine Art in Ipswich. From there I worked for the National Trust for a couple of years designing family trails and activities, and am currently a graphic designer for a very colourful clothing company. I am a member of my local group of artists in my home town and regularly take part in exhibitions, as well as putting my graphic design skills to use to make the accompanying booklets.

The way I create:
I work traditionally in watercolour and coloured pencil; I enjoy the paint itself, watching the colours bleed into one another and the 'happy accidents' that happen when an initially unwanted splodge of colour sparks an idea for a new composition or character. This method links directly with my main theme of the natural world; we can only tame it to such a degree.

A few interesting things about me:
I am descended from the English landscape painter John Constable. I'm a vegan. I'm a cat person. I am an amateur naturalist, in fact I can't really go anywhere without bringing a bit of it back, beach combing is a particular favourite. I can juggle. I enjoy taking photographs of unusual trees. I have an enviable collection of stones with holes through the middle. I read, a LOT. I love smelling smells that bring back memories. Listening to the Lord of the Dance soundtrack never fails to make me happy.

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